When choosing a technology partner, few things are more important than security. Everyone says they take security seriously but how can you be sure (especially if you aren’t a tech person)? Major security events are happening all the time and the choices you make today will ensure that you are protecting your organization, employees, and candidates. This informative and critical webinar will walk the audience through key security risks in plain English and what your organization can do with their technology partners to improve your security posture.

The following are 3 key takeaways from this upcoming event (all explanations will be targeted to a non-tech audience):

  • What are some major technology risks facing organizations today (e.g. ransomware, spear phishing, and more)?
  • What should be considered as part of my authentication policy (complexity, expiration, MFA/2FA, SSO)?
  • What tools/standards can I use as part of my provider diligence to understand a provider’s commitment to keeping my data safe (vendor risk assessment, SOC 2, ISO 27001)?

Our Expert Speakers:

Eric Higginbotham

Eric Higginbotham

GHRR – breaking down the technical nuances
Founder of Vireo Technology (now known as Taleo) leads Global HR Research as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Eric’s 20 years of technology experience as a Developer, Database Administrator, IT Administrator, and Technology Leader gives him a unique perspective to understand which technology innovations will outlive trends and sustain rapid adoption as a mainstream part of a business operation. This experience was instrumental in designing, configuring, and launching GHRR’s Clairiti employment screening platform.
Brandon Phillips

Brandon Phillips

GHRR Founder – Discussion Moderator
Brandon Phillips developed the concept behind Global HR Research after he recognized the need for better security in corporate human resources. He is responsible for developing and implementing corporate growth strategies, managing the overall operations and resources of the company, overseeing sales and marketing strategy, and acts as the main point of communication between the chairman, investors, and the corporate operations. Mr. Phillips has guided the growth of numerous projects from planning and development to sustainability. He is a recipient of Gulfshore Business magazine's "Top 40 Under 40" for entrepreneurial successes and featured in numerous publications on the subject matter of talent screening and selection. He has led Global HR Research to a top ranking by HRO Today's Magazine of America's leading background screening and assessment providers. Mr. Phillips, a frequent guest speaker, has a proven track record of successfully maximizing cutting-edge business concepts in start-up ventures and possesses a strong understanding of consumer and investor needs. He has grown Global HR Research to host a client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, governmental agencies, and health care among others. Mr. Phillips coaches youth basketball, donates time and expertise to nonprofit organizations and is an active member of multiple chambers and economic development organizations.

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