Better features make your job easier.

We understand the tremendous pressure you face when it comes to compliance. Our SMB screening technology has all the tools you need to stay ahead of the challenges the industry faces. With features like the electronic form consent builder, with which you can customize wording and format your own consent forms, and the 613A letter generator built to automate 613A letters to be mailed automatically through email or sent manually to automated pre-adverse/adverse action letter generation and mailings, you can rest assured we've got you covered.

A dedicated team of compliance experts looking out for you.

Every client is supported by a team of in-house compliance experts providing legal advice on a broad range of matters relating to the operation of the company’s business, including monitoring, analyzing, and implementation of a company’s compliance with applicable federal and state laws.

  • The team is led by an in-house legal team with over two decades of compliance experience.
  • The team has a variety of resources at its disposal to oversee compliance, including licensed access to Westlaw and the Association of Corporate Counsel. These resources provide the team with the information needed to ensure you stay abreast of emerging compliance trends in the fields of background screening, employment law, and regulatory enforcement.

We hold compliance to a higher standard.

Legal compliance in the employment screening context broadly falls into four categories: consumer protection, end user education and certifications, public records researcher standards, and verification services standards. For each of these four areas, DISA has instituted policies and standard operating procedures in conformity with best industry practices, and these policies and procedures having been vetted by legal counsel and audited by an independent investigator from the Professional Background Screening Association.