Dramatically speed up the hiring process.

GHRR’s mobile candidate experience pairs an e-signed consent form with a background screening order placed by the candidate. As a single point of data entry for the candidate, the mobile experience minimizes the data entry burden for the candidate, ensuring greater consistency and efficiency throughout the screening process.

  • Better mobile capability and responsiveness
  • Electronic consent capture
  • Stores electronic consent with the order for easy access
  • Customizable emails with unique one-time-use links are sent to the candidate to ensure candidate verification
  • Order review step is available to ensure that orders are consistent with hiring guidelines
  • Offers a self-payment option to candidates if needed

A better mobile experience that brings better intelligence, clarity, and efficiency.

With robust capabilities in hand plus full integration with our online web portal, you will see dramatic improvement in both internal efficiencies and candidate completion rates that shortens your time to hire.