Have a question? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

No. We can set up customized packages based on what clients need according to their internal background screening policies and procedures.

Yes. We have an online system that clients can use for ordering background screening services and an online applicant portal that will allow applicants to authorize their own background checks.

GHRR has the capability of integrating with several applicant-tracking systems or platforms. Click here for a list of our current integrations. We are continually adding new systems to this list.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires consumer reporting agencies, such as GHRR, to engage in a reasonable credentialing process of their prospective clients before providing our services. This means we must take certain steps to ensure that your company is a legitimate business that has a legal purpose for obtaining consumer reports.

Contact our Client Care team with details and screenshots of the error you received so we can start investigating the issue right away. You will always be able to place orders directly in the GHRR system to avoid any interruption to your hiring workflow while we resolve integration issues.

Most of our integrations will post a completed status and link to the report once all searches in the report are completed. Additionally, an email will be sent with completed results upon report completion if the user permissions on the account are set to receive results via email. You can reach out to our Client Care department for more details.

The GHRR Integrations team is happy to work with your ATS to see if integration is possible. It is ultimately at the discretion of the platform whether our systems can be connected. Reach out to your sales representative or account manager for more information.

There are no updates that should affect your day-to-day operation within the system. While some updates may be required, they take place during nonbusiness hours, which means there's no interruption to your service.

To log in to your GHRR account, go to www.ghrr.com and select “Client Login” at the top, right-hand corner. Select the appropriate system and enter your user ID and password. If you aren’t sure what your password is, please select “Forgot Password” and enter your User ID and email address. We will email you reset instructions. If you are still having trouble, please contact Client Care.

Your password may not work for a variety of reasons:

  1. Your password may have expired. If this is the case you will need to reset your password through the Forgot Password process on the login page.
  2. Your computer has cached a password. To fix this, navigate to your web browser's History section and clear your cache and history. Once completed try your password again.
  3. Our passwords are case sensitive; please double-check your entry and confirm that your caps lock is not on.

We are here to help if you continue to have issues with your password - simply reach out to our Client Care Team.

User management is an administrative permission. If you do not have the "User Info" section under My Account then please contact Client Care for more information. If you do have "User Info," simply navigate to this section and locate the user, and you will have the option to update or remove user access.

If the user has the permission settings to view all users’ reports, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Report Management tab.
  2. Click on the button on the right side of the screen that says "View Options"
  3. Select “All Users’ Reports.”
  4. All the reports that have been ordered on the account will then populate in your bins.

Information for your available packages is available by logging on to your GHRR account and going to "My Account" and then to "My Prices." You must have the view pricing permission to access your custom fee schedule.

Packages are customized per account. Please contact your sales representative or account manager.

Please contact your GHRR representative with information regarding the name change. We will then provide you with the necessary paperwork to facilitate the name change and other information regarding changes that may need to be made to the account.

Our contracts are typically set for auto-renewal, which means there is nothing that you need to do to continue receiving our services.

The SwiftHire invitation queue will be able to resend individual or bulk reminders at any time. Simply log in to your account and navigate to the SwiftHire tab. Locate the applicant or select "multiple" and click the "Send Reminders" link at the bottom of the queue.

This means that your applicant has completed their form and that the order needs to be reviewed before processing. You can do this by clicking on "Review." Once you've reviewed the order and are ready to send to ESS for processing, just select "Order."

If you are using our classic SwiftHire product, we suggest asking your applicant to complete the forms with a desktop or laptop computer using a common internet browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. Please note that ESS has released a mobile-friendly SwiftHire product that will allow you to text your applicant a link to fill out their background check consent forms. If you are interested in SwiftHire Mobile, please contact your sales representative or account manager.

YES! Reminder notifications can be managed and updated under the SwiftHire settings. Navigate to the SwiftHire tab, select "SwiftHire Settings", and scroll to the middle of the page. Here you can customize reminder email language and create a series of reminders to be sent at timed intervals.

YES! Our' SwiftHire 2.0 option can email and/or text your applicants. If you do not see this option when ordering a SwiftHire request, please contact your sales representative or account manager.

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