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If DISA Global Solutions has prepared a consumer report or investigative consumer report in your name, per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you are entitled to a free copy of the completed Background Screening Consumer Report. To receive a free copy of your Background Screening Consumer Report, please complete this form: https://disa.com/bg-copy

To dispute the results of your background screening report, please complete this form: https://disa.com/bg-dispute

Every employer has specific background screening requirements based on their industry and regulations, the types of positions they hire for, etc. Most employment background checks include a criminal record search to determine if the candidate has been convicted of a crime. Other common requirements may include past education and employment history, driving records, verification of professional licenses, and drug testing.

Most U.S. employment background checks are completed within a week, but there can be extenuating circumstances that cause delays in the process. Some common delays are related to court closures or unresponsiveness by past employers or academic institutions.

Every company’s hiring criteria vary based on their industry, hiring position, and company requirements. Most employers will conduct an individual analysis before determining eligibility for employment.

Before a prospective employer or staffing agency begins the background screening process, you will be required to sign a Background Screening Authorization Consent form providing permission to the employer to initiate the background screening process. While every company has specific background screening criteria, you’ll most likely be asked for your current address, date of birth, and social security number. Other information often requested is your driver’s license number, educational background (institutions attended, dates attended, degrees earned, etc.), and employment history (names of former employers, dates of employment, and starting and ending salaries).

Provide as much accurate information as possible. We will compare the information provided with the information verified at the past employer or academic institution.

If any information found in your background check is under consideration in your employment decision, the employer must provide you written notice prior to a final decision. This allows you 5–10 business days, depending on your state, to dispute the findings. Your report includes this notice, as well as the federal and state summary of your rights. In some states, the employer is required to provide a copy of your background check if you request a copy.

No. The results of your background check cannot be shared with a third party unless you have specifically provided authorization to do so. An example of when this might occur is if you are being hired by a staffing agency on behalf of one of its clients.

If an expunged record (a record that is officially sealed by a judge) is filed properly by the court clerk’s office, it should not be reported.

No. We do not search juvenile courts for juvenile records.

Yes. You can contact our Client Care Support team at 877.827.4631, option 2.

If additional information is required to complete your background screening report, either the employer or a DISA representative will contact you directly.

No, DISA Global Solutions is not responsible for making hiring decisions. The completed Background Screening Report is provided to the employer to determine eligibility and making the hiring decision for employment.

Legal proof of identity such as a driver’s license, state-issued ID, passport, military ID, or green card. You will also need to take the paper Chain of Custody form or the ePassport to the drug screening collection facility.

Most drug screenings results are completed within two to three days; however, extenuating circumstances may cause delays in the process.

DISA Global Solutions respects the privacy of our online visitors, employees, clients, and clients’ employees and candidates. We aim to collect, use, disclose, and retain personal information in accordance with federal, state, and local laws. Full details of our privacy practices can be located within our privacy statement.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives you specific rights when you are, or believe that you are, the victim of identity theft. A brief summary of the rights designed to help you recover from identity theft can be found below. Also, a summary of your rights to place a security freeze on your credit report can be found below.




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