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Workers providing services for Southern Company or its affiliates must meet specific background screening criteria. To begin the process, please review the procedures below.

Helpful downloadable documents include:

  1. Step-by-step training guide
  2. FAQ
  3. Pre-adverse process
  4. Consent Form

Procedure for initial/pre-site drug screening and background investigation:

Step 1

Complete the Service Request Form

As you complete the Service Request Form you will be asked to provide information about your company, your employee (s) and your primary contact at Southern Company.

Be sure to have the following information before moving forward with the process. You cannot proceed without this information:

  1. The name of your Southern Company project manager (your primary contact at Southern Company) and their email address and telephone number
  2. The Southern Company affiliate for which you are performing work
  3. Ask your project manager if your employee(s) will be required to access NERC/CIP entities at Southern Company AND if the work location for the worker is Vogtle 3 & 4

Click here to complete the Service Request Form.

Step 2

When you have completed the Service Request form, each of your employees will receive an email directing them to complete a personal history questionnaire and a consent form. Once the employees completes this step, the screening process will begin. It is imperative for each employee to respond to the email directive within 48 hours.

Step 3

When the screening process is complete, the results will be assessed based on Southern Company disqualification standards and a compliant or noncompliant notification will be issued. Your Southern Company project manager and you will receive the notification via email from

Components of the Southern Company Screening Package

Background review: Criminal history, Social Security number verification, Global Watch, and driver’s license report. In addition, discretionary searches for employment, education, and specialized professional certification of licenses can be ordered.

Drug screen: Standard DOT look-a-like panel. Renewals and screens for post-accident, reasonable cause and random programs can also be ordered on this site.

For more information: Please download Southern Company Drug/Alcohol Screening & Background Investigation Criteria.

We're here to help: If you have questions or need one-on-one assistance, please email or contact us at 866-859-0143.