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Contractor Service Request Form

contractor's primary contact at Southern Company

Contractor Company Contact Information

This information should be the individual at your company who is authorized to receive your employer status and is authorized to place orders.

Contract Worker to be screened:

(please use worker’s legal first and last name):
(one contract worker and email per line)

By submitting this order, the Contractor certifies that:

  • The disclosure and authorization forms contained herein have been reviewed by my company and legal counsel and they satisfy all Fair Credit Reporting Act and other legal requirements, including the requirement that a disclosure be clear and conspicuous and contained in a document that consists solely of the disclosure
  • My order should not be processed before this written disclosure has been made to the consumer and his or her authorization obtained in writing
  • The report will not be used in violation of any applicable federal or state equal employment opportunity laws or regulations, and its use will comply with all applicable laws
  • The appropriate adverse action process will be followed, where applicable
  • We understand our obligations, have complied with, and will comply with all applicable laws pertaining to consumer reports and investigative consumer reports as defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act as amended; and:
  • (1) My Company is obtaining this report for employment purposes, and/or
  • (2) My Company is obtaining this consumer report on behalf of Southern Company for a legitimate business purpose initiated by the consumer (i.e., Southern Company site access).

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