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Long before launch, our Implementation Team is working hard to ensure that your employment screening solution will optimize your processes and support your unique business needs. Our proven implementation approach is to collaboratively configure our technology and enable you to validate the full scope of your screening solution before going live, allowing your team to confirm that the solution delivers on your screening objectives and success measures.

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1: Solution Scope & Plan

A successful outcome starts with a plan. We adapt our standard methodology to your business needs and the scope of your screening program. This plan-first approach establishes a balance of timeline, efficient client team participation, and achievement of business results at the beginning of the project.


  • Project plan
  • Kickoff presentation
  • Project team and communication plan

2: Customer Discovery
We document the current state of your employment screening focusing on your users, organization, current business processes, and current system solution.


  • Credentialing documentation
  • Uploading your disclosure and authorization forms
  • Current process summary

3: Configuration Requirements
Based on the needs of your organization, users, and roles, we validate the technology packages and products that are best for you.


  • System configuration specification

4: Configuration and Integration

According to the configuration requirements roadmap, we configure Clairiti and third-party-supported platforms with customer-facing systems.


  • Platform configuration
  • Integration specs

5: Validation
We walk you through the configuration plan and product specs so you can sign off on the final scope of the solution.


  • Scope of work
  • Sample customer UAT plan
  • UAT issue tracking
  • UAT acceptance memo

6: Deployment and Steady State
Post-deployment support and transition to steady-state operations.


  • Deliverables from CS-002, “Account Transition Process from Professional Services”

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We’ve partnered with some of the best and biggest ATS providers, to give you a seamless, end-to-end hiring process that makes the entire experience smoother—and your job easier.

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