August 27, 2020 – Fort Myers, Fl. – Effective immediately, Global HR Research has entered into a preferred background screening partnership with HealthcareSource, the leading provider of talent management solutions for the healthcare industry. The combination of the two organizations establishes an end-to-end integrated healthcare talent acquisition and screening solution to support the unique hiring needs of healthcare providers—one of the most advanced in the market.

Global HR Research is one of the country’s leading providers of technology-enabled background screening solutions. It brings modern screening experience to healthcare providers, their candidates, and their employees. Because both organizations have earned the trust of many of the country’s most recognized healthcare providers, the strategic alignment between them offers significant advantages to customers and their candidate hires.

“We are proud to partner with HealthcareSource, the leader in talent acquisition and management solutions to the healthcare industry,” Global HR Research President and CEO Brandon Phillips said. “Our partnership creates a powerful and robust offering to healthcare organizations looking to streamline their hiring and screening programs by leveraging modern technology powered by industry-leading products and services.”

The partnership between HealthcareSource and Global HR Research unifies talent acquisition and talent screening requirements in a robust and easy-to-deploy integration that allows continuous candidate data transfer between the two platforms without interruption or errors. This automated process relieves hiring managers of the time-consuming necessity of making duplicate entries and supports recruitment managers with a view of the hiring process from start to finish through a single, cloud-based application.

“For several years now, we’ve been building a first-class customer success team dedicated to supporting the unique needs of our healthcare customers,” Phillips added. “We reinforce that service with our proprietary, modern screening platform, which is customized to support the complex needs of a highly regulated industry. Our partnership with HealthcareSource is a natural extension of our commitment to meeting and exceeding expectations.”

Both companies are committed to enhancing the hiring and screening process with real-time results and the least possible risk to help customers operate in the highly competitive healthcare environment.

“We are pleased to add Global HR Research to our short list of preferred background screening providers,” HealthcareSource Senior Director, Extended Enterprise Sean Parlin said. “The company’s experience in healthcare and the excellent work its team has done to build an industry-leading platform will help our shared clients complete necessary checks more accurately and efficiently.”

About Global HR Research:

Global HR Research (, the home of Clairiti™ screening technology, combines advanced background screening solutions, data, and business analytics to deliver better background screening programs to thousands of customers and their candidates. A leading provider in the healthcare industry, it offers many services, including, but not limited to, occupational health solutions; fingerprint solutions; drug testing; healthcare sanctions; medical staff screening solutions; and professional license verification, expiration, and monitoring solutions. Senior management has a combined 70 years in HR-related business activities. Representing Fortune 100, Fortune 500, and Fortune 1000 organizations as well as many of the world’s largest privately held companies, GHRR offers the best background screening, drug testing, and assessment solutions in the industry, enabling companies to efficiently and economically assess, screen, and hire the best candidates. GHRR has an industry-leading client-support team and continually strives to add new smart technology and advanced solutions. GHRR helps businesses make the right investments in their most prized asset, their employees.

About HealthcareSource

HealthcareSource® is the only comprehensive talent management suite designed specifically to support the healthcare talent ecosystem. Our software, services, content, and analytics enable more than 3,500 healthcare organizations, senior care providers, and staffing agencies spanning more than 6,000 locations to ensure quality patient and client care by recruiting, retaining, and developing quality talent. HealthcareSource and its award-winning healthcare talent management solutions have been recognized by industry analysts and trade groups.


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