We are excited to announce that on November 3, 2022, we completed a transaction between Global HR Research with DISA Global Solutions (DISA). This transformative deal enhances our depth of expertise, positions us to deliver greater value to our customers, and expands our product offerings.

Since 1986, DISA Global Solutions ( has provided employee screening solutions, primarily focused on drug testing and background screening. As an industry leader, they complete over 2 million drug tests and 500,000 background screens annually and services more than 45,000 customers, including 1 out of 4 Fortune 500 Companies. DISA’s comprehensive services include drug and alcohol testing, background screening, compliance for DOT/Transportation, and occupational health services.

Similar to GHRR, a focus on customer service excellence distinguishes DISA from the competition and is exemplified by an impressive 98% retention rate and excellent NPS score. Combining our two entities will strengthen our industry-leading position, enhance the depth of our expertise, and ensure customers continue to receive the most comprehensive employee screening services.

Three Key Takeaways for Our Partners

1) DISA and GHRR will remain separate brands and platforms for the foreseeable future. If you have a relationship with DISA and GHRR, we ask that you maintain both relationships, but we will be working to streamline vendor relationships throughout 2023. We have slightly modified our GHRR logo and, if you are using and displaying our GHRR logo pursuant to a license agreement, we would appreciate it if you would update it on your website or other public-facing medium.

2) DISA is one of the industry’s most comprehensive providers of screening services, and GHRR will soon have access to expanded service offerings to meet your pre- and post-hire needs. Keep an eye out for more information on our expanded offerings in early 2023!

3) Finally, please know that your current relationships at Global HR Research remain the same. Both GHRR and DISA are committed to supporting the relationships you already have.

We look forward to our continued partnership!