To be better by every measure, we hire the best of the best.

From engineering to marketing, sales to support, we’re some of the most hardworking, honest, and honestly-obsessed-with-client-success people around. We’re diverse and dynamic, team-driven and service-obsessed. And we’re always looking for the best and the brightest to help us revolutionize the way employment screening works.

Want to be part of one of the fastest-growing companies in HR tech? Ready to dig in with your team and work hard for our client's success? Have what it takes to be a part of something better? We want to hear from you.

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To us, diversity isn’t a buzzword—it’s at the heart of who we are.

Come as you are. We welcome people from all walks of life. We strive to build and maintain an inclusive working environment where everyone feels safe to participate, contribute, and communicate—and knows their voice is heard. Our diversity allows us to include different viewpoints, experiences, and work styles in our teams, strengthening our final product and creating our unique formula for success.

This formula hinges on honesty, respect, integrity, and teamwork. It’s how we work together, how we work with our clients, and how we succeed.

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Our Philosophy

RESPECT the uniqueness of each team member and welcome the opportunity to diversify our workforce.

ASPIRE to build a team with a strong work ethic and the ability to make decisions for the good of the group.

BUILD HONESTY by encouraging our team to work together and communicate openly.