Satisfied customers are our favorite award.

For the twelfth year in a row, Global HR Research has been included in the prestigious HRO Today Baker's Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings as one of the premier preemployment screening providers. So, from all of us: thank you!

Based solely on client feedback collected through annual surveys, the Baker's Dozen award is real-world affirmation of how GHRR preemployment screening services help HR professionals make hiring decisions with greater confidence and speed. Specifically, we received high marks in three key categories.

  1. Breadth of service - Global HR Research offers an industry-leading product line for our clients and their candidates.
  2. Size of deals - Undeniably, some of America's largest employers choose GHRR because our technology delivers the enterprise-level features, reporting, and security they require from a screening provider.
  3. Customer service - Some screening providers put profits ahead of customer satisfaction - but not us. We've always been customer-centric and will continue to invest in ensuring that our customers and their candidates have the best experience available in the market.

Share 20 minutes and we'll show you satisfaction means everything to us!